Episode 15: Stephen Kavalkovich on Mental Health

As part of a continuing series covering mental health in EMS, Ed interviews former paramedic and 9/11 rescuer Stephen Kavalkovich. Stephen is the host of the Rescue the Rescuer podcast and the CEO of Rescued Consulting, LLC. He is a public speaker and an advocate for mental health and substance abuse awareness. 

Stephen's websiteRescuedconsulting.com 

Mental Health News Radio Network: http://www.mentalhealthnewsradionetwork.com/our-shows/rescue-the-rescuer/

Stepstone Connect: https://stepstoneconnect.com

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Episode 8-The Narcan Conundrum

If you liked Anna Ryan's blog post on Narcan, you'll love this episode! The gang talks about using naloxone in the field, breaking down stigmas, and maintaining professionalism. 

Vilke study in 2010:


Wampler study:


Dr. Strayer's excellent perspective on opioid misuse:


Episode 7- Salim Rezaie Interview

On today's episode we have the founder of REBEL EM, Salim Rezaie! Dr. Rezaie is a pioneer of the FOAMed movement and has a lot to say about the Paramedic2 trial and the future of #FOAM and EM education. 

Rebel EM can be found at rebelem.com

WIKem can be found at https://www.wikem.org/wiki/Main_Page and in the Apple store and Google play store


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Episode 5- Rethinking ACLS and PALS

In this episode of The Overrun, Ed, Dan, and Kevin discuss ACLS and PALS and how effective the classes are. Is it as important as it was to teach these classes in the same way we've been teaching them, or should we be thinking and teaching more broadly? Additionally, the crew discusses Amiodarone vs. Lidocaine. 

Check out the ROCtrial. 

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Episode 4-Social Media and EMS

The Overrun crew discusses recent events in the social media/FOAMed world and #GuGate. How do you keep your social media posts from becoming a career-extinction event?

Thanks to GomerBlog and @DGlaucomflecken for helping us to understand this mess.

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Episode 2- Career Mobility

Ed and Dan discuss the career opportunities that EMS providers have. Career mobility is a significant concern to those who are entering the EMS field, and is something that is often ignored when new people join our ranks. The bureau of labor statistics in the United States reports that the job outlook for EMTs and paramedics is "better than average", yet we see a 10-12% attrition in the industry. 

JEMS link: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/10121491

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Episode 1- Red Lights and Sirens

Welcome to first episode of The Overrun!

In this episode Ed and Dan discuss the value, if there is any, of using red lights and sirens for an emergency response. This is an issue that has come up recently in EMS circles, and it is an issue that requires serious discussion. The use of lights and sirens has proven to be dangerous, and does not provide any significant improvement in clinical outcomes for patients. 

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