The Overrun Crew

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Ed Bauter

Ed is the co-host of The Overrun podcast. Ed is a second year medical student and has been working as paramedic and EMS educator since 2009. Ed's background is in ground critical care transport medicine and pre-hospital emergency medicine. He hasn't trusted textbooks since elementary school. Sometimes he amazes even himself with the amount of caffeine he can consume in a day. Ed is also the writer, producer, and host of MedSchoolMedic.

Ed is a Philadelphia Eagles fan and reminds Kevin about it every chance he gets.


Dan Schwester

Dan is the co-host of The Overrun Podcast and has been involved in emergency services for over 20 years in a wide range of roles, including street-level provider, field training officer, education, and clinical management. He is currently a field paramedic for a large progressive EMS agency located on the East Coast of the USA.

Dan is passionate about direct laryngoscopy, a good bougie, human factors, teaching, and traveling in his spare time.

He's married to his college sweetheart, has two teenage children, and realizes that all of the Overrun crew have cooler bios than him.


Kevin Mazza

Kevin is an Overrun contributor and practicing flight paramedic with 9 years EMS experience. He is more beard now than man, drinks his coffee with non-dairy creamer, and stirs it with a bougie.

Kevin supports the far superior New York Football Giants.


Anna Ryan

Anna is an Overrun contributor and has been in the EMS field in a variety of capacities since 2005, first as a volunteer EMT and now as a paramedic. She has been participating in EMS education since 2006. Currently she is a Bachelor's of Psychology candidate and plans to continue her education by obtaining a Master's degree in Adult Education. She lives close to the beach with 3 cats, one dog, one husband and a rabbit named Luke Skyhopper. She enjoys cooking, drinking tea that somehow tastes like desserts, historical docuseries and her dog. Her love of glitter is almost boundless and she’s not ashamed of how many Starbucks pink drinks she has managed to consume in a day(4). She dislikes insensitivity to the prevalence of human suffering, people who don’t hold the door for you when you have your hands full, people who are mean to animals in any capacity, heat with too much humidity, and blueberries.




Jess is an Overrun contributor, EMT, and Registered Nurse. She has over eight years of experience in the EMS field and began her career as a volunteer EMT and firefighter. She now works full time in an inner-city emergency department as a registered nurse and per diem at her original EMS position. She is currently enrolled in a BSN-MSN program and plans to specialize in nursing education.

She lives near the beach with her four dogs, cat, snake, and husband. Most of her free time is spent writing papers for her bachelor’s degree, playing video games, or forcing her husband to make her tea. She shares Anna’s love of glitter, and the two often message each other whimsical glitter products to the dismay of their husbands. Her main passion in life is the support and fostering of rescue animals.

Jess would like you to know that Kevin has an extremely irrational fear of crustaceans.


Mike DeFilippo

Mike is an Overrun contributor and has been in the EMS field for 10 years. He has worked urban and suburban EMS in New Jersey, both as an EMT and paramedic. Kevin was Mike's partner during his tenure as a paramedic, wherein Kevin carried Mike through most of his career and was largely influential in the "milkshakes are best served after an RSI" tradition.

Currently, Mike is a medical student in New Jersey interested in pursuing an Emergency Medicine residency with a focus on pre-hospital/disaster and critical care medicine. Other interests in medicine include education, patient advocacy, and research.

He lives with his fiancee and dog, enjoys kayaking and gaming, and can passionately talk about all the different Reese's products for hours on end.