Episode 35-The Last Frontier with Dave Aromin

Dan sits down with flight paramedic Dave Aromin to discuss the amazing state of Alaska, and the challenges of providing emergency and retrieval care to the largest state. We discuss the logistics involved in his area, the unique clinical practice involved, and the people who take on this role in one of the most unforgiving environments in the United States and the world.

The EMS community in Alaska suffered a huge blow with the loss of a Guardian Flight fixed-wing crew on January 29, 2019, when their aircraft crashed and all aboard, including a patient were lost. There has been memorial and scholarship funds established for the families of the Guardian Flight crew, and they can be found at the following links:



This episode is presented in the memories of:

Pilot Patrick Coyle

Flight Paramedic Margaret Langston

Flight Nurse Stacie Rae Morse

and the patient who they were caring for on their last mission.

Episode 34-HEMS

Our resident flight crew member Kevin Mazza takes the lead in our discussion about helicopter use in EMS (HEMS).

What goes on when we call for a helicopter, why does it take time, and what can we do as a team to work together and maximize the use of this expensive (and risky) resource for our patients? Kevin breaks it down for the gang and gives us insight on what HEMS can (and can't) do.

Using the FALTER mnemonic:


The costs of air ambulance use:


Using a standardized handoff method and MIST:


The National Air Medical Memorial:


Episode 33-When EMS Fails

This episode deals with a call where the system and clinicians failed a patient. What makes it different is that a police body camera recorded the encounter, and was released to the public.

There's a lot to unpack here. We talk about the providers' failure to care for their patient, and we discuss how it possibly got to this point.

There is a lot of shared blame here. We want to present this as a way to stimulate discussion and self-examination, and maybe we can avoid these types of things in the future.

The video from www.ems1.com:


Episode 32: One Medic, or Two?

The gang looks at the idea of ALS crew configuration. Is a two paramedic system better for patient care? Is one medic with an EMT better? Does more equate to better, and how do we measure it?

We look at the benefits and downsides, look at some of the (sparse) evidence, and talk about some of the things that may help us figure it out!

OPALS Study for OHCA:


Classic Journal Review: The OPALS Study

This includes an excellent breakdown by our friends at www.rebelem.com!

OPALS study for trauma:


The Rapid Emergency Medicine Score and the potential for EMS:


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Episode 30-Mental Health and Heroism

The gang goes back to mental health, and post-traumatic stress. Anna takes the lead in discussing the FIRST program for clinicians to address and work with stress on the job.

We discuss the idea of heroism, the concept of "toxic heroism", and maybe how we should look at honor, rather than being a "hero" as a way to move forward in the profession.

There's also random comments about being generally maladjusted, as only we can do...

Check out Yoga for First Responders here:


Episode 29- The Work IS Different with Michael Greco of FDNY EMS

On January 17, 2019 NYC mayor Bill DeBlasio stated that EMTs and Paramedics in the City of New York earn less money than Police and FireFighters because “The work is different.” Since that statement, the hashtag #TheWorkISDifferent has become popular on social media. FDNY Local 2507 Vice President Micheal Greco joins Ed for an exclusive interview to discuss how this effects NYC EMS professionals, how it effects EMS in general, and what we can all do to further our profession.

Episode 28: Managing Millennials with Tyler Christifulli

Tyler Christifulli from Flightbridge and FOAMfrat joins Ed to discuss the “Millennial problem”, if that’s even a thing. Millennials are making up more and more of the workforce, and a constant question from management is how to retain and maintain a workforce of people who often look forward to the next thing. Listen in as Ed and Tyler work to dispel falsehoods and unpack some of the perceived problems of “this generation”

Deep Work by Cal Newport

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Episode 26- Beercast 3: What Grinds Our Gears

The gang rings in the new year with a small list of things that grind our gears. There’s a list of things that make our profession “less than professional” and that we can, and should change. Crack open a cold one, sit back, and listen in to the gang air their grievances.

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Episode 25- Holiday Wish List

The gang gets together to share their special holiday wishes for 2019...and make fun of Mike's horrific sweater.

In the spirit of the season, we have two EMS clinicians who need some help. If you can, please think of them this time of year.

Megan Franzoso GoFundMe

Golembeski Family GoFundMe

Thanks to ALL of you for making this first year of The Overrun amazing! We have a lot of stuff planned for 2019, so stay tuned!


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Episode 24- The Medic Mindset with Ginger Locke

On today’s show, Ed interviews the host of The Medic Mindset podcast, Ginger Locke. Ginger is a paramedic and EMS educator who focuses on how to improve EMS education and how to progress the profession of EMS. 


How do you learn? How do your students learn? How we learn and how we teach are principles that we don’t discuss enough in EMS. We also talk about a few books that might change your practice, or how you think. 

Mindset by Carol Dweck

Make It Stick by Peter C. Brown

Episode 23- Mental health, The Job, and Yourself

It's becoming a known fact in EMS: Stress is harmful to overall mental health, cumulative, and affects all of us. How do we recognize when things are getting too much for us? How do our workplaces help, (or contribute) to the buildup of harmful stress? Would your agency support YOU with mental health concerns?

Warning: This talk gets real. We discuss our own issues, share some of our darker sides, and talk about some of what we do to cope.

No matter what your thoughts on the subject, or your experience in dealing with stress and job-related mental health, trust us: You're not alone.

Episode 21-Precepting and Field Training

The gang discusses field training and precasting...as Dan gets put on the spot by three of his former students/rookies!

We talk about what works, what doesn't, because both will have a profound effect on your student or rookie coming into the profession.

Welcome to Rookie World...

Joseph DuCrew:


Southland is a Warner Bros. production.

Episode 20- Dr. Eric Ernest and Rural EMS

Ed talks to Dr. Eric Ernest (@UNMCEMSDOC), medical director for the state of Nebraska, and wearer of many hats to discuss the differences in rural and urban/suburban EMS. What are the differences in care and preparation an EMS agency has to take when working in a rural setting? What about crew complements? Ed and Dr. Ernest discuss operations, research and financing as well. 

Nebraska's RSI protocols can be found here


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