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Episode 37-Pip and 555 Fitness

The gang let Anna handle this episode, and she crushed it! Anna talks with Robert (Pip) Piparo, firefighter, paramedic, and driving force behind the 555 Fitness team, bringing physical fitness to public safety professionals!

We ask why, if we're so smart as clinicians, why do we do things we KNOW are bad for us, and why we absolutely have to Do Better.

And here's an easy way to start: Anna and Pip created The Overrun Challenge! All you have to do is commit to walk ONE mile every day for 30 days. That's it! If you commit to the Challenge, let us know on social media and send pics at Day 1 and Day 30! We will share your success and commitment with our audience!

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Episode 35-The Last Frontier with Dave Aromin

Dan sits down with flight paramedic Dave Aromin to discuss the amazing state of Alaska, and the challenges of providing emergency and retrieval care to the largest state. We discuss the logistics involved in his area, the unique clinical practice involved, and the people who take on this role in one of the most unforgiving environments in the United States and the world.

The EMS community in Alaska suffered a huge blow with the loss of a Guardian Flight fixed-wing crew on January 29, 2019, when their aircraft crashed and all aboard, including a patient were lost. There has been memorial and scholarship funds established for the families of the Guardian Flight crew, and they can be found at the following links:

This episode is presented in the memories of:

Pilot Patrick Coyle

Flight Paramedic Margaret Langston

Flight Nurse Stacie Rae Morse

and the patient who they were caring for on their last mission.

Episode 15: Stephen Kavalkovich on Mental Health

As part of a continuing series covering mental health in EMS, Ed interviews former paramedic and 9/11 rescuer Stephen Kavalkovich. Stephen is the host of the Rescue the Rescuer podcast and the CEO of Rescued Consulting, LLC. He is a public speaker and an advocate for mental health and substance abuse awareness. 


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Episode 7- Salim Rezaie Interview

On today's episode we have the founder of REBEL EM, Salim Rezaie! Dr. Rezaie is a pioneer of the FOAMed movement and has a lot to say about the Paramedic2 trial and the future of #FOAM and EM education. 

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