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What's the right airway to use? - Ed Bauter

We’ve all been there. The cardiac arrest that may or may not have a positive outcome depending on what we do as providers. We know that walking into an arrest, our goal is to help the patient in any way that we can, and to get them to walk out of the hospital and home to their family. On paper, this is an easy thing to do. Hell, it’s our job. It’s what we do every day. But with the mountain of data that’s been coming out over the past year or so, it can be difficult to know what “the right thing” actually is. Sure, we always tryto do the right thing, but how can we be sure? What if I intubate someone and find out a week later that it wasn’t the right intervention? When do we use an endotracheal tube, or a supraglottic airway? What about a BVM? Should I RSI this patient? What about a DSI? If I do either of those and I fail, what’s my back up? These are all questions that are certainly valid and worth exploring. Let’s dive in.