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Episode 41: Fluids and Pressors

Ed, Mike and Dan get nerdy again talking about IV fluids and vasopressors! What works, why, and what do you need to know about the stuff we put into patients…and why it may be hurting more than helping!

2008 JAMA article on fluid resuscitation:

Association between a chloride-liberal vs chloride-restrictive intravenous fluid administration strategy and kidney injury in critically ill adults

R Bellomo, C Hegarty, D Story, L Ho, M Bailey – Jama, 2012 –… “Normal” 0.9 per cent salt solution is neither “normal” nor physiological. JAMA … The
biochemical effects of restricting chloride-rich fluids in intensive care. Crit Care Med … Crit
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Cochrane Review on colloids or crystalloids:

Colloids or crystalloids for fluid replacement in critically people ……/INJ_colloids-or-crystalloids-fluid-replacement-critically-…

Costs involved in using colloids:

Albumin Use Guidelines and Outcome in a Surgical … – JAMA Network

ATLS 10th edition changes:

ATLS 10th edition offers new insights into managing trauma patients