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Episode 42: Dr. Peter Antevy's Pediatric Pearls

Dr. Peter Antevy joins Ed to discuss a few pearls about pediatric care and resuscitation in the field. Dr. Antevy wears many hats in EMS and has served as the medical director for Davie fire rescue, Coral Springs-Parkland Fire Rescue, Palm Beach County Fire Rescue. Additionally, he is the President of the Greater Broward EMS Medical Directors’ Association, the 2018 NAEMT Medical Director of the Year, a JEMS top-ten innovator of 2015, and an attending pediatric emergency physician at Joe Dimaggio Children’s Hospital in Hollywood, FL.

Are kids just small adults? How do we handle a pediatric cardiac arrest scene? How involved should parents be in the care of the acutely ill child? Is Ketamine safe to use on children (Spoiler: yes.) These and many more questions are discussed.

Dr. Antevy’s videos and protocols can be found here

2008 Pediatric Emergency Care- Ketamine study

Ideal Ketamine Dosage for Pediatric Sedation

Pediatric Consideration in Clinical Microbiology

Episode 5- Rethinking ACLS and PALS

In this episode of The Overrun, Ed, Dan, and Kevin discuss ACLS and PALS and how effective the classes are. Is it as important as it was to teach these classes in the same way we've been teaching them, or should we be thinking and teaching more broadly? Additionally, the crew discusses Amiodarone vs. Lidocaine. 

Check out the ROCtrial. 

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