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Episode 46: CROSSOVER with Pin The Q Podcast!

For this episode, we joined up with Frank Melillo and the Pin The Q podcast! Frank is a fire officer and former volunteer and career EMT, and his show takes a close look at the culture and tradition of the fire service, which got us thinking: Why DON'T we have culture and traditions in EMS?

If you're looking for the typical Fire vs. EMS slamfest; you're not going to find it on this episode. You may take away an idea, you might find something that changes how do you things in the future, you may get a new perspective. But you won't be bored, that's for sure.

Frank also tells us about the great stuff Next Rung is doing for emergency services peer support, and why you should have Next Rung in YOUR gear bag.

You can find Pin The Q at:

Insta: pintheq_podcast

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