Episode 44: Our Cric Show

Episode 44: Our Cric Show

It’s a full house for this episode as we take a look at a procedure that is literally all over FOAMed…but we might be a little different!

We talk about a wide variety of all things cricothyroidotomy: mental prep and training, the difference in the techniques that are out there, which one might work better, and lots of other stuff. We also shoutout to a LOT of other resources that will help you to really understand this low frequency, but critical procedure.

If this is in your scope of practice; or possibly in a situation where a clinician will use this; you need to know about this to be able to care for your patient.

Dr. Rich Levitan’s website:


Dr. Scott Weingart’s website:


The EMCrit podcast can be found on iTunes (just like us!)…it’s one of the best around with literally hundreds of topics!

SMACC was an amazing prehospital/emergency/and critical care conference that changed how many of us looked at conferences and learning. Check out their stuff here:


New England Journal of Medicine paper on comparing cric techniques:


Here’s the case study about the NG tube going into the spinal column…


Episode 43: Medic To Medical School

Episode 43: Medic To Medical School