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Episode 37-Pip and 555 Fitness

The gang let Anna handle this episode, and she crushed it! Anna talks with Robert (Pip) Piparo, firefighter, paramedic, and driving force behind the 555 Fitness team, bringing physical fitness to public safety professionals!

We ask why, if we're so smart as clinicians, why do we do things we KNOW are bad for us, and why we absolutely have to Do Better.

And here's an easy way to start: Anna and Pip created The Overrun Challenge! All you have to do is commit to walk ONE mile every day for 30 days. That's it! If you commit to the Challenge, let us know on social media and send pics at Day 1 and Day 30! We will share your success and commitment with our audience!

555 Fitness website:

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Episode 33-When EMS Fails

This episode deals with a call where the system and clinicians failed a patient. What makes it different is that a police body camera recorded the encounter, and was released to the public.

There's a lot to unpack here. We talk about the providers' failure to care for their patient, and we discuss how it possibly got to this point.

There is a lot of shared blame here. We want to present this as a way to stimulate discussion and self-examination, and maybe we can avoid these types of things in the future.

The video from

Episode 30-Mental Health and Heroism

The gang goes back to mental health, and post-traumatic stress. Anna takes the lead in discussing the FIRST program for clinicians to address and work with stress on the job.

We discuss the idea of heroism, the concept of "toxic heroism", and maybe how we should look at honor, rather than being a "hero" as a way to move forward in the profession.

There's also random comments about being generally maladjusted, as only we can do...

Check out Yoga for First Responders here: