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Episode 23- Mental health, The Job, and Yourself

It's becoming a known fact in EMS: Stress is harmful to overall mental health, cumulative, and affects all of us. How do we recognize when things are getting too much for us? How do our workplaces help, (or contribute) to the buildup of harmful stress? Would your agency support YOU with mental health concerns?

Warning: This talk gets real. We discuss our own issues, share some of our darker sides, and talk about some of what we do to cope.

No matter what your thoughts on the subject, or your experience in dealing with stress and job-related mental health, trust us: You're not alone.

Episode 15: Stephen Kavalkovich on Mental Health

As part of a continuing series covering mental health in EMS, Ed interviews former paramedic and 9/11 rescuer Stephen Kavalkovich. Stephen is the host of the Rescue the Rescuer podcast and the CEO of Rescued Consulting, LLC. He is a public speaker and an advocate for mental health and substance abuse awareness. 


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