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Episode 39: The National Registry

The National Registry…what is it, and why should it matter to you? As the only national organization of credentialing in the USA, the guidelines and structure they use has a huge impact on your license or certification.

We dig into the Overrun vault to find this episode….let us know what YOU think!

Is NREMT the be-all, end-all solution; or can it be improved to be a truly national licensing standard? We look at the strengths and weaknesses, and what we would like to see from the NREMT!

The National Registry of EMTs is at:

Episode 32: One Medic, or Two?

The gang looks at the idea of ALS crew configuration. Is a two paramedic system better for patient care? Is one medic with an EMT better? Does more equate to better, and how do we measure it?

We look at the benefits and downsides, look at some of the (sparse) evidence, and talk about some of the things that may help us figure it out!

OPALS Study for OHCA:

Classic Journal Review: The OPALS Study

This includes an excellent breakdown by our friends at!

OPALS study for trauma:

The Rapid Emergency Medicine Score and the potential for EMS:

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Episode 21-Precepting and Field Training

The gang discusses field training and Dan gets put on the spot by three of his former students/rookies!

We talk about what works, what doesn't, because both will have a profound effect on your student or rookie coming into the profession.

Welcome to Rookie World...

Joseph DuCrew:

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Episode 4-Social Media and EMS

The Overrun crew discusses recent events in the social media/FOAMed world and #GuGate. How do you keep your social media posts from becoming a career-extinction event?

Thanks to GomerBlog and @DGlaucomflecken for helping us to understand this mess.


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